Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Day In My Imagination.

For the first time, I'm giving this little corner of mine a much needed upgrade:


It took me three weeks to finish this doodle project. I got the inspiration from this illustration book called "Illustration School Let's Draw Happy People" by Sachiko Umoto.

I got the book as a Christmas gift from one of my best friends, Sol. Instead of getting a black hoodie that I have been wishing for, I told her to buy this as soon as I found it among the packed shelves of SM Naga's National Bookstore. There are two other books in the Illustration School set - Let's Draw Cute Animals and Let's Draw Plants and Small Creatures. I believe there are more copies in other bigger branches.

I decided to doodle for the blog header because I love to draw. I took some of my previous furniture concept designs and imagined them being used by people in doodle fashion. Using GIMP, I painted all the furniture and treated everything else with airbrush and patterns. I was really happy experimenting with the colors!
A happy kid sitting on the Young (Reversible).
Reading while relaxing on Intersect 22.
Friends having a good time on The Elliptical table.
The Gypsum chairs at work.
A family spending time together. The Book Boxes is part of it.
Who knows? Maybe someday I'll get to turn my designs into real ones and see real people use them. For now, number 4 in my list of goals is out. :)

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