Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Southern Bolt from the Blue.

When August came, my zest for the upcoming Davao trip was wobbly. I had no idea what to put on the itinerary. Certainly, the "Davao = Durians" thinking did not help. And I was still reeling a bit from the expenses in Boracay back in June. But the biggest thing that almost ruined my gusto? The torrential monsoon rains that pounded the metro!

I was just left asking in the dark, "Will I ever get to say 'Hello Davao!'?"

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Unearthed What Might Have Been My Thesis Poster.

It wasn't a trip down the memory lane, but a few days ago, I suddenly remembered my design for what could have been the final version of my thesis poster. I rushed and took out my external hard drive to find out if I still have a copy. Lucky that I still have it! 

Did I already have an obsession for solids and lines back then?

Lines, cubes, colors. I made this in Photoshop. *I'm not sure why this one has those gray layers.*

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Design Idea: Elliptical. Its Unlikely Inspiration.

I love lines! I do. Whether they're intersecting or parallel to one another. Be they diagonal or perpendicular. You name them, I love them. They're generally evident in my previous designs. But this time, I was up to the challenge (as well as part of improving my furniture drafting and designing craft) of putting some curves.

This is The Elliptical. The inspiration behind it? Prepare to say 'very unlikely'!