Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mi Sueno's Stunning Promise.

The great thing about going to one of the best beaches in the world during the low season?

Aside from having a more wonderful-experience-because-of-the-less-number-of-tourists vacation, you get to relax peacefully because-there's-plenty-of-better-hotels-to-stay-at for a low price!

But I don't want to sound like an advertising junkie here. I just want to share my experience with this lovely apartment we (with my sister and her boyfriend) stayed in Boracay Island the other weekend. Perhaps, it was the best weekend of my life. I got to scratch "To go to Boracay!" off my lifetime wish list. But I do want to go back there someday. Anyhow, this is my first (so-called) design review.

Photo by Why did I forget to take a photo of the whole place from oustide?
This is the Mi Sueno Apartments. It's situated on a sort of remote hill of Brgy. Bulabog. It cost us P3000 per night to get two rooms, indeed a very good deal. I failed to get a picture of the entrance but it has this very elevated cemented stairs, with uneven difference in the height between each step that put our patience and stamina to the test. According to the site, the architecture was built to European specifications with Euro/Asian looks.

Inside the rooms, yes, it was very Asian.
I had to fix my bed in the morning just to take this picture.

This is so Thai-ish.

The embroidery on this pillowcase is very Filipino in my opinion.

Of course, shells and corals were not to be missed out in an island establishment.

The chair on the porch.

I really like this wooden blinder!

Lighting fixture.

Bathroom mirror (it's very little, only my face fit).

Finally, the pleasant promise of Mi Sueno to its guests - a porch offering a vantage point to see the incredible view of Bulabog, the island's kiteboarding beach.

I should have taken a panoramic shot of the view outside. The Boracay tour sites featuring Mi Sueno have better photos of the view from the porch.

Well, thank you Mi Sueno for giving us a delightful surprise!


  1. Hi! Do you happen to have the contact number of Mi Sueno? I am thinking of staying at this place and I have a few inquiries.

    1. Hi Lia, I don't have their contact number. When we booked on, they had it arranged for us so we didn't need to contact the hotel staff as they already expected our arrival. It's odd that we just relied on our map and instructed the trike driver of the way to Mi Sueno. It's best that you contact MyBoracayGuide and ask for Mi Sueno's number. Hope this helps. :)