Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Design Idea: Gypsum.

As promised, I'll be sharing my furniture concept designs right here, every now and then. Mentioning again that I finally managed to bring myself back to blogging, I'm glad that these experiments, as I like to call them, found their home. So after my graduation from the CAD weekend class in early February, I began to design furniture and it went to become my passionate hobby. As of now, I have designed three chairs and one table, all virtually stored in my portfolio.

I named my first chair The Gypsum Chair for the reason that I used a gypsum wood as the material for the seat and seat back.  For the stile and legs, I used metallic and glossy black and red colors respectively. But before I present the final design, here is the Gypsum Chair design in my early sketch.

This is the final outcome. I followed the curve on the inner part of the seat. Added curves on the top and edge of it too. I didn't include the foot since I wanted the legs to be bare. And sexy.

My friend, Allie Principe The Four-Eyed Wonder, was responsible for creating the watermark. Out of the four designs she prepared, I chose this one and she said it's also her pick, yay for us! Again, thanks Allie!

More designs to come.

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