Monday, May 28, 2012

My Love Affair with Design.

In the late half of 2011, I threw myself into thinking of what I would really love to do with my life, particularly the job that I would really love to do and make me say 'I really love my job, I'm no longer gonna have to work a day in my life!' brouhaha. The process brought back a ghost from the past - the frustration of not taking a degree in Architecture. When I was a kid, my mom used to watch me draw our own house and she told me how good I was. She noted that I was very detailed on my illustration. But our finances went rough, so I had to take a college course that would save me from starving. Right now my day job in an IT firm stays true to one of its premises. I guess the ghost came back after I lied to my coworker that I got over it and pronounced that I have nothing to lose. Nah, this is a serious matter of the heart.

One day, I decided to look for a short course that would get me a glimpse of architecture and design. I thought this would help me start in going back to do what I love to do. I called my mom about my plan and she supported it by helping me find the right schools through the internet. She discovered AutoCAD through a conversation with my cousin who is a Civil Engineer and explained to me that there are AutoCAD technical courses being taught in schools and institutions around Manila. AutoCAD, as some of you may know, is a popular software used by architects, civil engineers, and designers alike in designing structures, buildings, down to furniture and fixtures. They suggested the Microcadd Technologies Training Center, which at first I sort of questioned but took into consideration. And then I almost said yes to the offer from DLSU but I was saved from paying the steep price by three discoveries: (1) I got to explore the website of the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) and saw that they are in current partnership with Microcadd, meaning that it is a trusted organization, then (2) the scope of the course from Microcadd is wider than that of DLSU, and (3) the cost of the former is just half of the latter. Thrilled, I enrolled right away.

So from November 2011 to February this year, I became a weekend student. I finished the class with so much fulfillment that I shared my final work on my Facebook page and got a good number of feedback from my friends! From then on, I began to experiment on furniture like chairs and tables, which I plan to share here on my succeeding posts!

Now this was my final project for the short course. It's a render of a bedroom and we were free to design it the way we want it. Since the summer season was about to enter that time, I chose the breezy look, dominated by the colors white and blue and a little shade of gray, to give off a cool feeling in the heat of summer. :D

(This is how the room should look like on daylight. I still need to practice the rendering in daylight though.)

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