Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reading The Lark Studio Series Furniture Books.

I was lucky to get the last copies of these - the Lark Studio Series' Chair and Tables. I bought them last Christmas vacation from Fully Booked in Gateway Mall at Cubao, Quezon City.

I stumbled upon these pocket size books on a visit to that bookstore months before but I didn't have the money then. They were a perfect Christmas gift to myself since I did not have much to do when I spent the holidays in the province.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Different Flavor.

It was high time for me to try SketchUp! Loooooong overdue activity to be honest.

Sometime last month, I suddenly recalled that my SketchUp 8 installer had been buried long enough in my hard drive. I got it last year from my friend, Allie, who taught me how to go about the different tools of the software. So I pulled it up and installed it on my computer and earlier this month, I began to experiment with it. Basically, I tested the nature of SketchUp - the correspondence of its tools to AutoCAD. I discovered that not all the functions I know in AutoCAD are present in SketchUp. They have to be downloaded and copied to the plugins folder. Even the render tool has to be downloaded that's why I just screen grabbed the one below. This is my first design attempt and I call it the Pinnacle Chair. I shall redo this in AutoCAD and tell the story behind the design on my next post.

To sum up the experience, I was trying to do something outside my comfort zone (AutoCAD) which I have been in for more than a year now. Nagpapaka-versatile! (Trying to become versatile!) So it's now possible that the upcoming design posts would be done either on SketchUp or AutoCAD.