Saturday, August 4, 2012

Design Idea: Elliptical. Its Unlikely Inspiration.

I love lines! I do. Whether they're intersecting or parallel to one another. Be they diagonal or perpendicular. You name them, I love them. They're generally evident in my previous designs. But this time, I was up to the challenge (as well as part of improving my furniture drafting and designing craft) of putting some curves.

This is The Elliptical. The inspiration behind it? Prepare to say 'very unlikely'!


You probably exploded with "What and where the hell did you get that?!" Okay, here's the story. I graduated with a degree in Computer Science that (in my school) included two Calculus subjects during my time. One of them was Integral Calculus and we had a discussion on how to compute the volume of a cylindrical shell through integration. Maybe I should end this intellectual talk by showing you what a cylindrical shell looks like.

I took this from Spark Notes.

This was my initial idea for the design. It was simply a cylinder. I found it a bit typical so I went for an elliptical shape. The top is supposedly made of wood and painted with the color white.

The reason why I added those gray chairs (I utilized, again, wood entirely on them and paired each chair with a blue chair cushion.) is to complete the closed form of the elliptical table. I used the Loft command to achieve that curvy look. Loft is already part of my favorite AutoCAD commands list, Just Jas saying.

I guess this is a good idea for saving some space! Finally, what I consider as the highlight of this concept is the reflective and metallic finish on the table's legs and merged bottom.

I think I'm off to finding my next inspiration on geometric solids. :)

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