Monday, October 22, 2012

Design Idea: Intersect 22. An Outdoor Attempt.

Apparently, this is not the "interesting chair" that I declared on my last post a month ago. I still have some reservations on how to execute its design but nevertheless I shelved that concept for future work.

For the meantime, this is the first time that I moved away from the indoor theme that has been present in my previous designs. You might expect a sunlight on the output. Alas, I still haven't tested my skill on the natural lighting department (but it's still on my AutoCAD priorities list). So before I dive into the natural lighting worry pool, here's my outdoor chair concept that incorporates lines and some curve, the Intersect 22.

Why the name Intersect 22?

If you look closely on the left and right views (see below) of the design, there are 22 metallic poles (11 on each joint arm rest and legs) that appear to be intersecting to the naked eye. But with regard to how I placed them, they don't really meet. I used the Loft command to create the poles. Loft is very useful when you don't need to specify the height of the object. It's very appropriate if you want to join two 2D objects and convert them into a single 3D entity.

The difficult part came on designing the seat itself. It's composed of three rectangular 3D objects linked by the command Union and the tilted appearance was the result of applying Fillet. It was hard to connect one to the other as they were all slanted in different directions. I was happy in the end to have surpassed that even if it took me almost 30 minutes haha. To add stability, there are two poles underneath the seat and they connect the legs.

I envisioned this as an outdoor chair since the wooden materials I utilized were more similar to the wooden porch flooring that's commonly seen in houses. Plus, it's also a reclining chair. I can imagine someone reading a book and sitting idly on that. :)

P.S. - Here's my sketch for this one.


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