Saturday, September 22, 2012

Design Idea: Jigsaw. Seven-In-One.

While I was already on the process of designing my next chair (a round ottoman), I encountered an illustration from the AutoCAD book that I'm reading (this book came from the AutoCAD weekend class I  attended earlier this year) and it depicted a shape similar to a jigsaw puzzle. I was quick to hold off the round ottoman and jumped into doing this one. I was really engrossed by the shape that was made possible by a specific AutoCAD command.

The Jigsaw ottoman.

I didn't take a picture of the shape as it is copyrighted. So I just drew it with an arrow pointing to what the final design would look like.

The PEDIT command made this doable of turning the combined double cross figure, technically a polyline in AutoCAD, into a jigsaw puzzle piece shape by executing the Fit sub-command.

For the final design, I divided it into seven pieces and used a different fabric material for each ottoman. This gives a person with a unique personality and taste a chance to pick a seat that he/she thinks that represents him/her. Each seat can also speak for the current mood of a person. 

Take your pick!

That nippy burst of inspiration to do this just really made me happy. Now I wonder when I shall be able to finish that round ottoman (the design's a bit difficult to do) now that I got another interesting chair design idea that I really want to do soon.

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