Sunday, September 9, 2012


You might accuse me of being very domesticated for doing this activity but I just had to look for ways to fight boredom, a thing that loves to visit me on weekends. The whole month of August had me fixated on shaping origami furniture.

The last time I did origami was during my elementary years. I remember that they were all flower figures and from then on I always equated the art of origami to anything floral. I can blame that on the origami packaging in the early days - the instructions at the back would always illustrate the flower form.

Got this from Saizen Daiso store.
I can't always devote my free time to sketching designs. Inspiration is a visitor that is not as frequent as boredom. So when I found out about furniture origami from Origami-Make, I scrambled to find a set of origami paper. It got me so happy to know that I'll be doing the origami in forming these things that I'm passionate about. Or crazy about.

I started doing it from the last days of July.
The mania for it didn't stop at a few chairs and a table. I targeted to create the entire furniture origami listed in the site. Sadly, I didn't have a storage bigger than a mere shoe box to contain all of them and my sister might throw them out. I just selected interesting pieces for the activity and decided to add a little personal touch on some of them.

Punched on some colorful origami papers.
Below is an origami round table with pasted colorful dots.

This one's the love seat. It had a retro look after I added those white spots.


Here's the traditional origami chair. I complemented it with a simple plaid pattern.

And another one with a similar look.

Jokingly, I think this traditional table got the look of a beach ball.


A total of 10 furniture origami. The golden chair is the origami throne. It's nice to find a variety of colors from the set that you can use appropriately on each type of furniture origami. :)
Here's to more boredom busters!

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