Thursday, July 12, 2012

Design Idea: Book Boxes.

Modernity dictates that the bookshelf no longer has to be traditional. Just like the bookshelves you can see on this inspiring post by Freshome. I'm pretty sure you reacted the same way I did after seeing those beautiful and lovely designs. And talk about inspiration, I did my version of the bookshelf by incorporating it with a bench. 

I call this the Book Boxes. Basically, everything here is supposedly made of wood. The seat looks plain but I made sure the boxes (shelves) are playful in color. I added a long white sofa cushion. Although, I don't even see this one to be suitable for comfortable reading. I can only imagine it being used as a waiting chair in a clinic, probably owned by a quirky doctor who loves medical books and design. But then, the shelves can be used to store anything else.

The boxes look yummy in their colors I can almost eat them.

P.S. - This was my initial idea for the design of the chair. The drawers were supposed to be the ones to have the colors of the boxes. Ambitiously, I added a pull-out bed. Far too ambitious, I simplified the design. Maybe some other time? :)

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