Saturday, July 21, 2012

Design Idea: Amusement. Lift and...Surpise!

After designing those chairs that you probably came across with on this humble blog of mine, I began to move on doing tables. In contrast to the first chair I did, which was more of applying what I learned from the AutoCAD course or what I called 'testing the waters', I tried to tinker my creativity in doing this table by tapping in some transformation.  The result? A dual purpose table, changing from a coffee table to a playful-looking study table - I did not have any particular name to this design.

If this was real, how would one do the transformation?

Above is the coffee table. It looks simple. From the materials library, I picked the colors yellow and brown (now I want some coffee!).

Then the surprise starts. The person would begin to lift the table, leaving the other half of each leg.

This was during my brainstorming session.
Each corner has three holes that hold those protrusions found on the other half. But I think that in reality, there has to be some tightness in them.

At the end of each leg, another set of three holes are present to lock in the partner leg via its protrusions.

I wouldn't include 'Surprise!' on the title for nothing. So what is it? The colorful circles! Oh the magic of subtraction. You're probably dismissing me as too excited and nerdy with AutoCAD. :)

Voila! Time to study!

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