Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Popsicle Stick Puzzle Preoccupation.

A preoccupation caused by a random wikiHow post I saw on my Facebook news feed. I was caught by the premise of this activity that could solve the holed-up-nothing-to-do problem. And I did not mind at all that this was a suggested activity for kids. Nevertheless, this might have helped me begin my return to doing art stuff.

So, the inspiration? A little hangover of my trip to Boracay Island a few weeks ago.

Some brushes and watercolor from National Bookstore.
I bought four packs of colored popsicle sticks. Having me (yes, that's me even if it looked terrible) lay on the sand, I started with the basic color.

Okay, the crab is the star. Sad to see the smear on my face.
Then I was too lazy to think of another image to paint so I decided on doing freestyle.

I used all the colors.
I wanted them to be whole so I didn't follow the last step of removing the masking tape that was holding the sticks thus defeating the purpose of the puzzle.

Surely, I had fun that day and boredom just took off.

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