Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saying Hello To 2013.

After nearly two weeks of spending the Christmas vacation (plus the New Year's celebration) almost away from the computer, I'm back to say...

In case you didn't get what the zero is, it's a rolled mattress.
Many wonderful things happened to me back in 2012. I was able to pull myself together and get back to doing what I love: Designing. This happened after taking the AutoCAD class late in 2011 up to February last year. I narrowed down the possibilities in the field and found my love for furniture design and took the courage to share my design ideas online. My family and friends showed their support for my passion. And then I met new friends who also shared their passion for different things. The trips to Boracay and Davao inspired me to see and live more. Indeed it was an awesome year!

Now, what are the things that I want to do this 2013?
  • Come up with more interesting aesthetics and ideas for functional furniture design.
  • Continue to improve my craft in AutoCAD (Also known as the use of sunlight for the lighting haha!).
  • Grow more my design portfolio.
  • Design the blog header!
  • Try out the art of stenciling (Applying it on the abaca bag I brought from my hometown is the top priority).
  • Illustrate. Illustrate. Illustrate.
  • Take the AutoCAD certification.
  • Fill out the About section but I still need a good photo of myself.
  • Of course, do more photowalking.
  • Inspire my friends and other people too.
  • Give and help more.
  • Travel! Travel! Travel!
And there is one thing that I'm seriously looking forward to happen this year - turn a few of my designs into real ones. I'm now looking for an excellent carpenter that will help me do this. Though I really wanted to take a course in basic carpentry, I'm not sure if my time will allow it (Yes, I'm a slave to household chores at times). I'll let you know if I get to do it. Anyway, I'm lucky enough to have my mom help me on the search as she has a very wide network of friends back home. My hopes are HIGH for this year!