Saturday, December 15, 2012

Design Idea: The Stack.

Back in October, a friend from the office, who happens to own a furniture customization business, approached me and asked for a bed design idea suitable for a condominium unit. I can't remember if it was a studio or a one bedroom unit. Anyway, assuming that it was a small space, I picked the sofa bed and started sketching my version of it.

Here's the Stack.

Basically, the Stack is a pile of wooden mattresses connected by two metallic sliders. There are also metallic holders for easy grip when changing the sofa into a bed.

I forgot to add a perspective wherein that brown mattress below can be removed, so that what's left is a space that can be utilized for storage of books or practically anything.

The next image shows how the sofa transforms into a bed. The upper wooden mattress is lifted from 0 to 360 degrees.

Pushing via the sliders will combine the mattresses into a king size bed.

Well, there are two good things that I got from doing this:
  • I was able to finish this design in three hours! Well, this was not a leisure work compared to my previous works that had no deadlines haha.
  • Of course I got to try something new since I usually work on chair and table designs.
I submitted these perspectives to my friend and he liked it. But right now I don't have any news if the design was picked up or shown to a client (hoping it does).

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