Sunday, February 17, 2013

Design Idea: Inverse. Putting Some Sunshine.

Rendering with sunlight is something that I've been meaning to do for a long time. So I'm more than happy to share to you that I have finally accomplished this goal!

Presenting the Inverse Table X Sunlight project! :)

An Artificial Point Light Fan - Well, for me, point lights are easier to set up and utilize as the primary lighting. By default, the sky and sun setting is turned off. A point light radiates light in all directions evenly so the only thing I'd do is to put it on the correct place.

Restless - Admittedly, I became so comfortable in using them that it came to the point where I did not want to pursue anymore the challenge of using natural light in the rendering process. But later on, I felt the dissatisfaction of not being able to do it and hence a goal for this year

Background image from

The Process - It was my first time so indeed it was challenging and learning the different settings involved was stimulating. Luckily, I found this tutorial from CAD-Notes. It's perfect because it's very straightforward and didn't give me any time to worry about dear sunshine. The only bad thing about the experience? I was snarling and cursing at the really slow render time haha!15 to 30 minutes?! Plus my new laptop hanged for two to five times, so imagine the frustration. But, it was pointless for me to even do so since sunlight rendering is a heavy computational task for the computer. Hopefully, I can find tips on reducing the render time.

A Realization - I'm a sucker for sunlight rendering! I plan to do more of it in the future. :)

Now for the table design, the Inverse table is supposedly composed of a glass surface, supported by upside-down pairs of wooden legs. The pairs are brought together by thin wooden poles in continuous end to end manner giving an impression of a twisted geometry when viewed at different angles.

A twisted illusion.
And for the inspiration, I simply wanted to create something that turns geometry into a figure that can identify with sculpture.

I'm just amazed by the progress I'm making with my goals list. Now that this one's out, I'm getting more and more motivated to finish as much as I can.

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