Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Design Idea: Pinnacle.

The last post I had under my Design Ideas was my first attempt to design a chair in Google SketchUp. I called it the Pinnacle Chair. I promised to redo it in CAD since I still don't have rendering tool for my SketchUp. I wasn't able to do it right away though as I was pretty occupied with work in the past couple of weeks that I had to let it all pass before I can bring myself completely into this.

So here's the Pinnacle, reinterpreted in AutoCAD.

The inspiration for this one was drawn from the shapes of the mountains, triangle and octagon.

I started the design by using the shape of the octagon for the top and base. I took out the short edges and connected the long ones by joining each line from the top and the ones that are perpendicular to it from the base, thus forming the X shape on each corner.

Pinnacles in light brown, chartreuse, and light red.
Then I just picked two parallel sides to place the pinnacles. A pinnacle is formed using the shape of the mountains. Each mountain top culminates in an inverted triangle. I intended to put them at front on the render for emphasis but in the real world, the untouched side would be the front in order for the sitter to move his/her feet freely.

Pinnacles in dark gray, periwinkle, and orange.
Admittedly, among the designs I made and shared on this blog, THIS IS MY FAVORITE (so far, although the Inverse comes really close hahaha)! I guess I've become more and more inclined to taking inspirations from nature and geometry.

P.S. I've decided to put "Design Idea:" to the title of each furniture design concept post (so I renamed the old posts) as I'm going for consistency and I want to easily distinguish them from the other posts here on this blog. And for you, dear reader, I hope you'll find this convention much more convenient. :)

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